Frederick Real Estate Information

The city of Frederick can be found in Frederick County in the state of Maryland. This city serves as the county seat for Frederick County, Maryland’s largest county. The city is home to a population of nearly 60,000 residents. It is considered to currently be the third most populated incorporated city in the state of Maryland, falling behind Baltimore City and Rockville. Frederick contains one local airport, the Frederick Municipal Airport, which primarily serves all general aviation traffic. Other points of interest in Frederick include US Army base, Fort Detrick, which happens to be the county’s largest employer, and also BP Solar, which falls behind as second biggest employer in Frederick County and serves as one of the largest producing factories of solar panels in the United States.

The city of Frederick is known for being the site of many historic Civil War landmarks. For instance, Frederick was once the location of a Civil War speech, which was delivered by President Abe Lincoln. He gave his speech from the intersection of South Street and Market Street where a plaque now stands to commemorate it. Frederick also served as a camping site for the Army of the Potomac just before the battle of Gettysburg. In current times, downtown Frederick is the location for the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. Many other historic civil war battlefields and landmarks can be found all around Frederick City.

A few other historic sites found in Frederick include the home and property of Barbara Fritchie. Civil War legends hold that she stood in front of commander Stonewall Jackson and waved the American in front of his Confederate troops as an act of defiance. Barbara Fritchie’s body can also still be found in the city of Frederick where it is buried at Mt. Olivet cemetery. Other historic figures found in the very same cemetery include John Hanson and Frederick Scott Key. John Hanson is known for having been the first president of Congress, underneath the outdated Articles of Confederation and Francis Scott Key is known for composing the US national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner. Another famous historic figure that is known to have owned real estate in Frederick City as well is Roger B Taney. This man served as a Supreme Court Justice and was responsible for such influential decisions as the Dred Scott Case. Frederick City features a wide variety of shopping and restaurants in the downtown district. However, this busy city plays home to a very long and important history.