Middletown Real Estate Information

Middletown is an incorporated town found in Frederick County in the state of Maryland. Middletown is a small town that holds a population of roughly 3,000 people. This little town can be found in the Middletown Valley, which is directly between the Catoctin mountain range on the east side and South Mountain on the west side. Supposedly, the town gets its name because of its location directly in the middle of these two ranges. George Washington once surveyed the area around South Mountain. On his return, the young lieutenant reported that the valley east of the mountain was one of the most beautiful places he had ever laid eyes on. He passed through the region a second time, much later when he was a general on route to Fort Cumberland.

Starting in the 1730, English and German immigrants began to settle in Middletown Valley. One such person was Michael Jesserong. For 66 pounds, he was able to purchase 50 acres of real estate. He called his property Middletown, and in 1767 he sold the first lots in his town. Middletown’s history is very similar to that of the United States, expanding with the growing technology and ease of transportation. In 1806 construction on the National Pike ran straight through Middletown, and then in 1854 telegraph lines were built from Frederick City to Hagerstown and went straight through Middletown as well. Then, in 1896 the first car made its way from Frederick City to Middletown on the Frederick Middletown Railway. Middletown also saw a great deal of action during the Civil War as both Confederate and Union troops passed through the town on their ways to the battles of Antietam and South Mountain.

Middletown has certainly evolved over the years from a small settlement of farmers to one of businessmen, commuters, tradesmen, and craftsmen. Nevertheless, the town still maintains it s agricultural heritage. One can still find many old Victorian houses as well as beautiful churches with tall steeples and rustic dairy farms. Residents of Middletown still enjoy small town living as has and always will be.

There are also many attractions that bring visitors to the town of Middletown. One such attraction is the beautiful Glenbrook. This beautiful course is considered by many to be one of the best in the entire state of Maryland. While in Middletown, one can also take part in one of the Middletown Valley Historical Society Tours. On these tours, visitors are taken to view a home form the early 1800’s, a small museum featuring Middletown memorabilia, and a Genealogy Library.