Mount Airy Real Estate Information

Mount Airy is an incorporated town n the county of Frederick in the sate of Maryland. The town covers a total area of 3.8 square miles and is home to a population of roughly 6,500 residents. Mt. Airy was first developed in 1830. Throughout that first decade, the town continued expanding as new houses were built all along Parr’s ridge. The very first house to be built in the area, however, was the property of a man named Henry Bussard. Mt. Airy’s little claim to fame was its railroad stop at Parr’s Ridge for the old Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Supposedly the town did not receive an official name until much later when an Irish man decided upon Mt. Airy after his ears were frozen cold during work one day. Mt. Airy is conveniently located between the two big cities of Frederick to the west and Baltimore to the east. The economy of Mt. Airy has long been supported by the local industries of milling, canning, and sewing.

Much of Mt. Airy’s growth and expansion can be attributed to its proximity to the National Pike. The National Pike was a long road, which ran from the city of Baltimore to far out west. Expansion in the town is also sometimes attributed to its role in the Civil War. Although the town was considered to be a part of the northern Union, its closeness to the Confederacy caused many of the town’s citizens to hold feelings and characteristics of those in the South. Nevertheless the town continued growing as three new church properties were built in the area, two Methodist and one Episcopal. Also, construction of a tunnel through the mountains greatly aided railroad transportation, which also brought expansion to the town. However, the town has also seen its setbacks in the forms of three different fires. In 1903, 1914, and 1925 much of Mt Airy was burned down, but the town rebuilt itself after each time. In modern days, Mt. Airy is no longer dependent on its railroads to support its economy.

There are four annual events that have become traditions in the town of Mt. Airy. The first as known as Spring Fling and it occurs in May. This festival includes games, rides, food, entertainment, and fun for the whole family. Another event held in Mt. Airy each year is Flag Day in the month of June, which honors the long history of the US and Mt. Airy. The Festival on the Ridge is another infamous event held in Mt. Airy each October, along with Christmas in Olde Town, held every December. All of these events are run and staffed by volunteer citizens of Mt. Airy.