Urbana Real Estate Information

The town of Urbana is an unincorporated community that can be found in the southern region of Frederick County in Maryland. The town is conveniently located at the intersection of I-270 and Maryland Route 80, which is roughly 7.5 miles away from the city of Frederick. Urbana was first established in 1730, but it has recently become overshadowed by more modern property developments. The Urbana Highlands and the Villages of Urbana are some of the recent additions to the town. Construction on these properties started in 1999. Since their additions, Urbana’s population has greatly increased, putting much strain on the community, especially on the school system and police department.

Most of Urbana’s main attractions include several annual events held in the town each year. The Frederick Celtic Festival is one such event that is always held in Urbana. This celebration involves games, activities, food, and entertainment, all of which celebrate much of the local heritage. One can also find in Urbana the Star-Spangled Celebration. This event is traditionally held by Centerville Elementary School in honor of Frederick County-native and composer of the Star Spangled Banner, Francis Scott Key. One last annual tradition to the town of Urbana is Urbana Elementary School’s infamous strawberry festival. The Strawberry Festival includes rides, games, food, and some shopping, which make it a great day for both kids and parents.

There are many other attractions located in and around the small town of Urbana. One well-known site is the Land of Little Horses. This park is famed for displaying rare Falabella Miniature horses. One can get up close and personal with these exotic farm animals during hands-on demonstrations and exhibits. The park is dedicated to informing and promoting knowledge about various types of rare and exotic farm animals, and it is a must see for any animal lover. However, if miniature horses are not your thing, the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo has much else to offer. This 30-acre park is located in nearby Thurmont, Maryland, which makes it an easy day trip from Urbana. Many rare and exciting animals can be found all over the park and are featured in various up-close exhibits. There are also many historic Civil War sites to be found around the town of Urbana. The Antietam Battlefield and cemetery s located in nearby Sharpsburg, Maryland, the Monocacy National Battlefield is in the neighboring city of Frederick, and even the Gettysburg National Park is not too far from Urbana. All of these sites feature a long history as does the town of Urbana,