Olney Real Estate Information

The town of Olney is an unincorporated, census designated area in Montgomery County in the US state of Maryland. Olney is located in the central northern part of Maryland, which is roughly 20 miles to the north of Washington DC. Throughout its history, Olney remained largely an agricultural community, until around the 1960s when it started to develop as a residential suburb of Washington DC like much else of the surrounding areas. Olney is home to a population of over 31,000 people, and it was once ranked as the 17th best place to live in the United States of America by Money Magazine’s list of the top 100.

Originally Olney was known as Mechanicsville, and it mostly consisted of various properties of farmlands. However, many artisans began to be attracted to the beautiful region, including such early residents as Dr. Charles Farquhar and Sarah Brooke. These two early settlers were big followers of an English poet named William Cowper, so they resolved to name their own real estate after the poet’s hometown. Much later on, the entire area was named after their home, the Olney House, which can still be found in the town today. Olney is considered to have been first established in 1800. The central village of Olney was located at the crossroads of two routes, one going from Rockville to Baltimore and another from Washington DC to Sandy Spring.

There are many public parks and recreational facilities that can be found all over the city of Olney. Some of the public parks there include Manor Park (which also has a year round indoor swimming pool), Longwood Park, Southeast Olney Park, Bowie Mill Park, and Cherrywood Park. Olney is also very close to Needwood Park, which features a playground, picnic areas, and archery range, and a long footpath that goes all the way to the Potomac waterfront. Needwood Park is also unique in that it additionally offers fishing, canoeing, and rowboat rentals. One can also find a wide variety of athletic fields in the Olney area, known as Freeman Fields. These fields are named after Carl Freeman, a well-known property developer from Olney, and they are open to many boys and girls’ youth sports teams.

One large attraction to the town of Olney is the town’s celebration of their founding. This event is held each year on the weekend following Mother’s Day, and it traditionally begins with the Mr. and Mrs. Olney Pageant that Friday night. Saturday’s festivities continue with a large fireworks display and a Joes Ride and Stride. Then, Sunday wraps up the event with a parade featuring local Boy and Girl Scout troops as well as the newly crowned Mr. and Mrs. Olney.