Rockville Real Estate Information

The city of Rockville, Maryland is the county seat for Montgomery County. It is a major suburb in the northwestern part of the Washington Arlington Alexandria Metropolitan Area. The city is home to a population of over 60,000 residents, which makes it the second largest city in the state of Maryland behind the Baltimore City. Rockville and its neighboring communities of Bethesda and Gaithersburg are considered to be part of the focal point of the I-270 Technology Corridor. This area is the location of various different government agencies and institutions as well as many biotechnology and software companies. Rockville is also home to several upscale shopping complexes and is known for being a major retail hub in the county of Montgomery.

Native Americans had been venturing through the Rockville region since nearly ten thousand years ago. Lying in the Piedmont region of Maryland, Rockville makes the perfect refuge because of three creeks that cross through it, Rock Creek, Cabin John Creek, and Watts Branch. Eventually, the early Native American tribes became situated in the area and began forming permanent agricultural societies. They made great use of the regions indigenous plants, such as the sunflowers and marsh elder for example. Many artifacts have been discovered in the Rockville area that are thousands of years old. However, by around the year 1700 colonists from Europe had pressured the original natives until they were forced to move away.

Between 1717 and 1735, Arthur Nelson became the first person to own property patents in the Rockville area. He built the first permanent buildings on his real estate, which is now considered to be the center of Rockville. Early on, Rockville was known by many different names such as Owen’s Ordinary, Hungerford’s Tavern, and Daley’s Tavern. Of course none of these names ever stuck, but the first reference to the Rockville area came in 1775 from the Braddock Expedition. While accompanying General Edward Braddock through the Montgomery region, one of his two thousand men referred to the area as “Owings Oardianary, a Single House, it being 18 miles and very dirty. Owen’s Ordinary was once a tiny rest stop on the Rock Creek Main Road. This road, which was later named the Rockville Pike, extended from George Town to Frederick Town, and was one of the most popular routes in the colony of Maryland. Nowadays one can find much more than a dirty rest stop in the city of Rockville. Particularly in Rockville’s Town Square, one can find a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment.