Upper Marlboro Real Estate Information

Upper Marlboro is an incorporated town in the Prince George’s County Maryland. It also happens to be the county seat of Prince George’s, although it is home to only a population of about 700 live-in residents. The nearby town of Greater Upper Marlboro is much bigger and has a much larger population. Upper Marlboro features many rural and pastoral areas, including several horse farms. However, many residential properties have begun to surround the edges of the town. Highway 301 and Maryland Route 4 intersect at the corner of the town.

Within the town one can find such things as a courthouse, county office building, a jail, the board of education, and a beautiful lake complete with a walking path. To the south of Upper Marlboro is the Prince George’s Equestrian Center. This is the annual site of the county fair as well as a yearly antiques show and the Show Place Arena. The Arena is the location for such events as hockey games, rodeos, trade shows, circuses, conventions, and high school graduations. Many years ago, Upper Marlboro was known for being a tobacco auction market, until the tobacco farming industry nearly became extinct in Maryland. Nowadays, one can find a few grocery stores, car dealers, and a Home Depot in the town. However, residents usually travel to the nearby towns of Bowie, Clinton, Waldorf, Forestville, or Brandywine when they need to find brand name retail stores. Many people often mistake Upper Marlboro for the surrounding Greater Upper Marlboro, which surrounds the town and has a population of about 20,000 people.

The area that Upper Marlboro is currently located on was first settled around the year 1695. The town gets its name after John Churchill, the very first Duke of Marlborough and one of Winston Churchill’s ancestors. The land that was to later become Upper Marlboro was taken from the property of three different families. It consisted of Grove Landing, owned by the Brooke family; Meadows, owned by the Beall family; and Darnall’s Chance, owned by the Darnall family. Darnall’s Chance, which was also sometimes referred to as the Buck House, can still be found in Upper Marlboro today. It was first built somewhere between 1694 and 1712, but it can now be found across the street from the modern day County Administration Building. Darnall’s Chance was owned by both the Darnall and Carroll families. This house was likely the birthplace of John Carroll, the first bishop for the Roman Catholic Church in America, and also Daniel Carroll, a signer of the Constitution.